The Causes Of Global Climate Change

The news is abuzz with concern about the effects of climate change. Scientists say it plays a role in erratic weather with so many hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. But what causes global climate change? It has been mainly human activities. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the burning of fossil fuels with coal and [...]

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Are There Any Benefits To Climate Change?

While the problems caused by climate change are well publicized, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to the gradual warming of the Earth. The following are a number of changes that may occur within the next 50 years. Permanently frozen areas such as in the Antarctic, Arctic and Siberia may not only [...]


Why Was Last Winter So Strange?

Last winter was so strange because it was one of the warmest winters in recorded history. This may have been an incidence of anthropogenic global warming, but it is more likely just a case of statistical variance. Climate change, although irrefutable, does not occur that rapidly. The real problem with last year’s warm winter was [...]


Is Global Warming A Serious Science?

People ask all the time whether global warming is a serious science. It is true that global warming is a very popular topic and has been discussed by all types of people. Yet, many still wonder whether it is actually a true science or something made up to scare people. The truth is that global [...]


What Does Climate Change Mean For Me?

There can be little doubt that climate change is occurring all around us. Every day there are more reports of volcanoes going off all across the globe. Earthquakes are happening at an increased frequency. Wacky weather patterns include record snow falls in locations where snow is rare, drought in areas that usually get plenty of [...]